Drop in vaccinations on Thursday afternoons 4-5 p.m. We are open the weeks 43-44 and 47-48

Dental care

Tartal removal

Pets tartar removal is a clinical procedure. The pet is sedated and left at the clinic over an agreed time. Tartar is usually removed under inhalation anesthesia with an ultrasound device and the teeth are polished. Tartar can also be removed in other dental procedures for hygienic reasons.

Permanent tooth extractions

Teeth can be extracted for example for these reasons:
The tooth is loose, inflamed, resorbed or broken. The animal is suffering from defected teeth and can cause constant toothache. In these case the tooth should be removed. If needed we use dental x-rays as an aid in tooth extractions for diagnostic imagery.

Deciduous teeth extraction

Puppies have deciduous (baby teeth) teeth that usually get replaced by permanent teeth until the age of 5-6 months. Some breeds does not loose all the deciduous teeth even after the permanent teeth have erupted. Puppies are usually 5-6 months old when they come to the clinic for deciduous teeth extractions.
It is often recommended to come to the clinic and show the puppy, if the deciduous teeth aren’t starting to fall out.

Occulsion and dental mapping

When the pet is brought for a dental appointment, a dental map is done and pet’s occulsion is evaluated. Every tooth is separately inspected and their condition is marked on the dental map. If needed dental x-rays can aid in the mapping.