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Heart examinations

With heart ultrasound the veterinarian can see carefully your pets heart action and condition. If necessary, we have also possibility to check the blood pressure, to take an X-ray and 24 hours ECG (Holter).

We recommend heart examinations for the following:

  • If your pet is known to have a heart murmur.
  • If your pet has exercise intolerance or it is inexplicably more tired than usual.
  • If heart diseases are more common in your pets breed.
  • If your veterinarian has discussed the possibility of heart diseases or they have begun in your pet.
  • For heart medication control
  • If your pet is known to have an enlarged heart.
  • If your dog has a prolonged cough, which it is not surely a respiratory disease or reason for the cough is not known.
  • If your cat or dog has breathing problems (That are not from respiratory disease) and sometimes has a bluish tongue.


The Finnish Kennelclub has issued regulations regarding screenings for targeted breeding. Instructions for cats can be found from Suomen Kissaliitto’s and PawPeds’ database. These screenings are normally done on breeding animals, but also on purebred pets.

When you bring your cat or dog for an official heart screening, please fill the form at home before the appointment. Screening will go faster and smooter.mm

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