Vet Vaasa

Professional and customer-oriented service. We treat dogs, cats and other rodents. Check out our services below!

Heart examinations

In what situations is an ultrasound examination of the heart necessary? It is important to identify heart disease early to ensure a good quality of life.


We perform soft tissue surgeries, abdominal cavity surgeries, tumour removals and skin surgeries; with the option of endoscopy.

Basic healthcare

Vaccinations, preventive health care and research and treatment of diseases

Dental care

We offer with our dental care: teeth cleaning, teeth extraction and dental X-rays with our state of the art dental x-ray machine.

Nurse appointments

A nurse appointment is a visit with a professionally skilled nurse from our team who may perform for example; nail trims, ear canal hair removal, or anal gland expression.


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Before you travel – get a pet passport from us to make it easier to travel from one country to another! A pet passport is […]
Endoscopy operations ENDOSCOPY OPERATIONS for example the endoskopic spay. There is less soft tissue damage in the operations performed with endoscopy. The operation causes less […]
Tick check for your pet. The appointment includes a short clinical check for finding out the best suitable medication against ticks. The appointment costs 35 […]
We are a clinic specialized in cardiologic examinations of pets! Our veterinarians are Satu Rajala and Andrea Gladuli. Next cardiology days with Satu Rajala weeks […]