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Do you need to take your pet abroad ?

Before you travel – get a pet passport from us to make it easier to travel from one country to another!

A pet passport is required for dogs and cats traveling from one EU country to another (both commercial transport and pets traveling with the owner). The passport shows that your pet is identifiable and meets the animal health requirements for transport between EU countries.
Before issuing your passport, our veterinarian will check that your pet has been identified (tattooed or microchip) and vaccinated against rabies. The veterinarian will make all entries in the pet’s passport, including information about the pet and the owner, identification, vaccinations, possible medication for echinococcosis, and testing for rabies antibodies. The passport also have enough space for entries that are not required when traveling within the EU, so other vaccinations can also be entered in the passport and will serve well as a pet vaccinationcard even when staying at home.
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