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One step ahead

Wasavet Oy Ab was founded in 2014 as the newest clinic in town. New things like pet physiotherapy and dog swimming pool came along. Both were connected to the clinic in the beginning. We started modern dentistry assisted by our dentist veterinarian Maj Häggblom. Wasavet began the first advanced dentistry with among other things e.g. dental x-ray. Furthermore, we brought specialty ultrasound examinations to Vaasa. We got inspired to develop veterinary care in the West coast area.

In the year 2015 we started practicing heart ultrasound examinations and other heart examinations with the help of our specialist Andrea Gladuli. Since then, we have become the leading heart clinic in the West coast area. Wasavet also offer abdomen examinations with ultrasound technology.

Year 2016 Wasavet brought laparoscopic spay and other endoscopic procedures to West coast area. Wasavet were also the first to do ear flushings in pets with endoscopy, procedures that were taught to us by Suvi Heinola. Procedure was all new in the West coast area.

Wasavet also started a Saturday reception in the Vaasa region, which we had to give up over the years.

Wasavet want to develop veterinary care in the Vaasa region and bring specialty services to the area. In the last few years Wasavet has educated many vets and nurses and some of them also complete their professional education.

We appreciate mutual understanding, open-mindedness, professionalism and courage.



Veterinarian Satu Rajala

Specialisations: Echo examinations, cardiology, abdominal ultrasound, endoskopic operations and ear flush with endoskopy.

  • ESVC (European Society of Veterinary Cardiology) membership since 2019
  • PawPeds and Finnish Cat Association screenings
  • Abdomen Ultraschall Seminar by Eickemeyer 2017, Advanced abd. echo. by Fennovet 2018
  • ESAVS Master of Cardiology specialization) and Berliner Fortbildung ECG courses 2018-2019

Language: English, Finnish, Swedish and German


Veterinarian Redas Pociunas

Language: English


Veterinarian Andrea Gladuli

Cardiologist Andrea Gladuli (DVM, MS – Cardiology) performs special cardiological examinations at our clinic. He has worked in this special field since the year 2002. Andrea has published heart disease articles in prestigious industry magazines and has been a speaker at the international heart congress.

Andrea’s interests include heart rhythm disorders, holter examinations, breed type heart disease and cardiac failure management. He is a ESVC (European Society of Veterinary Cardiology) member.

Language: English, Italian and Spanish


Veterinary Nurse Hanne Niemi

Language: Finnish, English and a little Swedish


Veterinary Technician Marja Raivio

Language: Swedish, Finnish and English


Veterinary Technician student Isabell Holm

Language: Swedish and a little Finnish and English

Vaccination afternoon on Thursdays without an appointment from 16 to 17 pm, welcome!
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