Drop in vaccinations on Thursday afternoons 4-5 p.m. We are open the weeks 43-44 and 47-48

Basic healthcare

Clinical examination is the first and most important examination. It means that the veterinarian examines the animals by looking at it, more specifically its mucous membranes and mouth. The veterinarian listens to the heart and palpates the stomach and throat area. The temperature is sometimes taken. It can seem like the veterinarian does nothing during the clinical examination, but it actually makes basis for further examinations.

Further examinations are for example blood samples, ultrasound, x-ray or specialist services such as heart ultrasound.

  • Vaccinations
  • Preventive healthcare
  • Puppy inspections, senior checkups
  • Examination and treatment of diseases
  • Internal medicine, dermatology, ophtamology, onkology and other services such as eutanasia and travelling pets

We are a remiss clinic. We work with referring veterinarians.

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Heart examinations

In what situations is an ultrasound examination of the heart necessary?


Endoscopic surgery and open surgery

Dental care

A clean and healthy mouth is the foundation of a pet’s well-being

Nurse appointments

A nurse appointment is a visit with a professionally skilled nurse

Food order

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