Endoskopic spay of dogs

Endoscopy operations ENDOSCOPY OPERATIONS for example the endoskopic spay. There is less soft tissue damage in the operations performed with endoscopy. The operation causes less […]

Resurs bank

Apply Applying for funding is quick and easy. Once you know the amount of funding you want, you can apply using the electronic application below […]

Ticks? Now it is time to do something

Tick check for your pet. The appointment includes a short clinical check for finding out the best suitable medication against ticks. The appointment costs 35 […]

Heart diseases of dogs and cats

kissa istuu sylissä

We are a clinic specialized in cardiologic examinations of pets! Our veterinarians are Satu Rajala and Andrea Gladuli. Next cardiology days with Satu Rajala weeks […]

How to avoid getting the corona virus

On Thursdays you can come to vaccinate your pet without booking an appointment 4 – 17:30 p.m. Welcome! You can also book the vaccination appointment […]

Official eye examinations for dogs 30-3-2022

Official eye examinations for dogs by veterinarian Elina Illukka. Timetable on the 30 th of March ( from 2 p.m.): https://vetsgo.fi/aikataulut enrollment: https://vetsgo.fi/varaa Wasavet: official […]


Puppy breeders: progesteron test ! We also can check BLOODCOACULATION of pets at Wasavet. PEDMEDDATA: more information about it www.pedmeddata.com Our special services in the […]